Analog TV



•  Motor Cube
•  Battery Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Wires with connectors
•  Assorted LEGO® pieces
•  Paper
•  Scissors
•  Cardboard
•  Markers
•  Tape


Tenka Labs


When you were little, did you ever think that the people on TV actually lived inside your TV? (We did, too!) It's easy to create your own drawings and characters to “live” inside a make-believe TV. Power it up just the way you want it to be!


1  Gather all three Cubes and the two long wires

2  Gather all the LEGO parts, 15 in all

3  Connect the Motor Cube and Battery Cube together, ensuring the metal posts are aligned

4  Stack the flat LEGO plate on top of the cubes

5  Build the two axles. One axle will need the 24-tooth gear

6  Build a simple frame. Get the long LEGO bricks and two plates

7  Assemble the frame so that both axles rotate freely

8  Mount the LED Cube onto the flat blue plate

9  Take the Motor and Battery Cube assembly, align the small gear on the motor with the large 24-tooth gear, and snap the LEGOs together. NOTE: The frame and cubes should now be rigidly attached

10  Assemble the other LEGOs, both the small blocks and a flat plate

11  Stack the small blocks up to make a wall. This will be the “foot” for the TV

12  Take the foot and connect it onto the frame. Now the entire assembly can stand up.

13  Take the two long wires and connect the Battery to the LED Cube.
TIP: Be sure to double check the connections to the LED!

14  Find a piece of white paper, some markers, and a pair of scissors. This will be the “TV show” you'll be watching. Cut the paper to about 3 inches wide and at least 16 inches long.
TIP: You may need to use two strips of paper to get one long piece

15  Use markers to draw your TV show onto the paper. Use a piece of Scotch tape to connect the two ends of the paper strip together. Before adding the tape, be sure to test the fit of the paper around the wheels. NOTE: It needs to be a nice tight fit around the rubber wheels

16  Once the paper ends have been taped together into a loop, slide the loop over the wheels

17  Design your own TV box! Use cardboard, scissors, and tape to make the front of the TV. Don’t forget draw on all the buttons! 

18  Cut out a square hole in the front of the TV. The hole should be the same height as the paper loop

19  Test to make sure the hole is the same height as the paper loop, and that the TV will fit over the LEGO frame

20  Turn the Battery Cube switch on and place the TV box over the LEGO frame. The paper loop will rub against the rubber wheels and begin to move around and around. The LED cube should light up and your show will glow just like a real TV!

NOTE: If your paper loop is too large, it will not rub on the wheels and so won't move. To fix this, remove the tape at the ends and make the loop smaller so that it fits snugly around the wheels. If the loop is too tight, you will need to add more paper.