Battle Car



•  Motor Cube
•  Battery Cube
•  4 x 8 plate
•  4-stud beam
•  16-stud beam (2)
•  Wheel (4)
•  Axle (3)
•  Axle Adapter
•  24-tooth gear (2)
•  Bushing (5)
•  Worm gear
•  Axle pins (4)
•  1/2 bushing (2)
•  1 x 4 plate (2)
•  Bionicle eye (4)


John Schuster


Go to battle with a spinning blade powered by your drive motor! 


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Layout the frame and axles of the car.

3  Put the 24-tooth gear in the middle of an axle, and 1/2 bushings on each side.

4  Build the frame around the axles.

5  Hold the axles to the frame with bushings.

6  Put the wheels on the ends of the axles.

7  Layout the parts for the spinning blade.

8  Put the two 1x4 plates on the bottom of the 4-stud beam.

9  Put the worm gear, bushing and axle adapter on the last axle.

10  Put the axle assembly through the middle hole of the 4-stud


11  Put the axle pins in the Bionicle eyes.

12  Put the eye/pins in the 24-tooth gear.

13  Attach the gear to the end of the axle.

14  Slide the beam towards the gear.

15  Attach the axle so it connects with the gear in the frame.

16  Attach the motor to the frame and axle adapter.

Now you're ready to take on the world!