Car Chassis



•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Short wire (1)
• Long wire (1)
•  LEGO® 16-stud beams (2), 4-stud beam (1), wheels (4), bushings (3), axles (2), 4x8 plate (1), gear (1)


Tenka Labs


Once you’ve mastered this car chassis, you’ll be able to make all kinds of things that move — and none of them need to be a car! Use this build to create other kinds of vehicles or whatever you can imagine!


1  Gather all three Cubes, one short wire, and one long wire.

2  Collect the building bricks, wheels, and remaining parts.

3  Start by building the frame of the vehicle using two 16-stud beams and a 4 x 8 plate, with a 4-stud beam at the end of the frame for reinforcement

4  Assemble the three small axles for your car, adding the large 24-tooth gear. They should all spin freely when you are done.

5  To add the four rubber tires and rims onto the axles you built, simply slide them on the ends of the shafts.

6  Gather the Motor Cube and the Battery Cube to place on top of the frame.

7  Stack the LED Cube on top of the Battery Cube. Check to make sure you have the posts aligned correctly by switching the Battery on and off.

8  Once connected, the wires will power the motor. Start with the short wire and the battery post closest to the motor.

9  Once the short wire is connected, add the longer wire onto the other terminals.

10  Turn the Battery switch on. The motor and light should both come on. You’re ready to hack your ride any way you like!

NOTE: If you want to reverse the direction that the car is moving, simply swap the wires on the motor terminals to reverse the polarity. Watch the motor spin in the opposite direction!