Emergency Flasher



•  LED Cube
•  Battery Cube
•  Morse Code key
•  Toilet paper roll
•  Cardboard
•  Tape


Tenka Labs


Morse Code is a way of transmitting information via clicks, tones, or lights. Developed in the 1800s, Morse Code is much older than the telephone or Internet. Based on light, this project is a fun way to send Morse Code-style messages silently.


1  Gather the LED and Battery Cubes.

2  Collect the other materials.

3  Stack the LED Cube on top of the Battery Cube. Check to make sure you have the posts aligned correctly by switching the Battery on and off.

4  Add the front flap to one end of the cardboard tube: Take the small flat piece of cardboard and use a single piece of tape to make a hinge. This way the flap can open and close over the end of tube.

5  Turn the tube so that the flap is flat on the tabletop. Gently push the Battery and LED Cube stack into the flap end of the tube.

6  Push the Cubes into the tube all the way until they no longer stick out of the front.

7  Your Emergency Flasher is now assembled. To turn it on, just slide the Battery out the back of the tube and turn the switch on.
NOTE: As you push the Battery and LED Cube stack back into the tube, notice how the light pattern changes as it shines out the front of the tube. You can control the spread of the light beam this way.

8  With the LED on, open and close the front flap. Use Morse Code or create your own signals to communicate with your friends using light!