EZ Mixer



ToolHousehold ItemBricks • Easy


•  Battery Cube
• Motor Cube
• 4 x 8 plate (4)
• 4-stud brick
• Axle
• 8-tooth gear
• Bushing
• 40-tooth gear
• Plastic forks (2)
• Tape
• Aluminum Foil (optional)




Make water whirlpools or stir up your chocolate milk with this robotic mixer!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Stack three of the 4 x 8 plates together.

3  Place the Motor Cube and the Battery Cube on a separate 4x8 plate.

4  Place the three 4x8 plate stack on top of the Motor Cube and the Battery Cube.

5  Stack the 4-stud brick on top of the 4 x 8 plates towards the Motor Cube's axle.

6  Attach the 40-tooth gear to the Motor Cube's axle.

7  Slide the axle through the middle of the 4-stud brick, and secure it on one side with the bushing, and the other side with the 8-tooth gear.

NOTE: The 8-tooth gear should fit into the 40-tooth gear.

8  Tape two forks to the axle with prongs facing out.

TIP: If the forks keep falling off, cover the axle with aluminum foil and re-tape the forks around it!

9  Turn the Battery Cube on and get your mixer to work stirring up a bunch of fun.

NOTE: Do not immerse your Circuit Cubes in liquid or let them get wet. If they do get wet, turn the Battery Cube off immediately and dry thoroughly.