EZ Scribblebot


Easy • Bricks • Household • Smart Art Kit


•  Motor Cube
•  Battery Cube
•  Wheel
•  Marker
•  Rubberbands (2)


Tenka Labs


This project comes together quickly and only requires one marker, making it fun to do in groups. Everyone get a marker. Ready, set, go!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Choose one marker and two rubber bands.

3  Place one rubber band around the posts of the Motor Cube.

4  With the rubber band in place, stack the Battery Cube on top of the Motor Cube.

5  Wrap the second rubber band around the stacked Cubes and place the wheel onto the motor shaft.

6  Wrap the bottom rubber band around the top of the Battery Cube.

7  Slide the pen in between the rubber band and the Cubes. Remove the marker cap and turn on the Battery Cube to see the EZ Scribblebot get to work!