MediumBricks • Craft • Smart Art Kit


Battery Cube
Motor Cube
4-stud plate (3)
12-stud beam
•  16-stud beam
•  Full connector (3)
•  3/4 connector (2)
  8-tooth gear
  24-tooth gear
  Connecter/axle pin
•  Tape
  4 x 4 plate


Ella Marrero


Celebrate your spirit with your very own fireworks show!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Stack the Motor Cube on top of the Battery Cube so the switch and Axle are on opposite sides.

3  Stack the 4x4 plate on top of the Motor Cube.
TIP: If you don't have a 4x4 plate, stack two 2x4's side by side and connect them with another 2x4, as pictured. 

4  Stack a 4-stud brick on the axle-side edge of the Motor Cube. Insert the axle pin into the middle of the 4-stud brick, with the axle facing out. Place the 8-tooth gear on the Motor Cube's axle.

5  Place the 24-tooth gear onto the pin's axle. Place two pin connectors side by side in the 24-tooth gear

6  Insert the pins midway into the 16-stud brick, and place one 3/4 connecter in each end of the 16-stud brick. Place one full connecter close to the middle of the 16-stud brick.

7  Place a 4-stud brick on each of the 3/4 connectors, and place the 12-stud beam two holes up on the full connector.

8  Tape your fireworks decorations on the end of each hanging brick, turn on the Battery Cube, and let your fireworks fly!