•  LED Cube
•  Battery Cube
•  Pool noodle
•  Bread knife
•  Rubber band
•  Permanent marker
•  Clear plastic
•  LEGO® 4x8 plate


Tenka Labs


A gobo is a light stencil that you can shine on a wall or, like Batman, use to illuminate the side of a building in downtown Gotham City!


1  Gather the LED and Battery Cubes and a LEGO plate

2  Collect the other materials, including a flat piece of clear plastic, a marker, a rubber band, and part of a pool noodle. 
TIP: You can use the lid from plastic container or clear printer sheets

3  Mount the Battery Cube and LED Cube onto the flat LEGO plate, making sure the metal posts align

4  Take the pool noodle piece and hollow out a cavity at the back. Cut a line down half of the noodle

5  Place the Cubes into the pool noodle’s cavity

6  When the noodle is upright, the Battery Cube should stick out from its bottom

7  Use a rubber band to secure the noodle

8  Wrap the rubber band around the noodle to squish the noodle around the Cubes

9  Take the piece of clear plastic and a marker

10  Make a cut midway into the poodle noodle so that you can slide the clear plastic into the cut. Use a marker to trace a circle onto the clear plastic. TIP: Don’t cut the noodle entirely in half or it won’t hold your plastic piece!

11  When you remove the clear plastic, you will see the traced circle. Draw an image inside this circle. We’ve used Batman's bat!
TIP: Draw only inside the circle you traced. This is the only area that will shine through the Gobo.

12  Slide the piece of plastic back into the noodle. Turn off the lights in the room

13  Turn the Battery Cube on and shine the light against the wall to project your image!