•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  Tape
•  Rubber band
•  IKEA® car or similar toy car
•  Wheel


Tenka Labs


Circuit Cubes were designed to make toys move, light up, and create noise in new ways. Attaching a battery and motor to a predesigned car from IKEA is one fun way to give your old toys new things to do.


1  Gather a wooden IKEA car, a roll of tape, and a rubber band.

2  Assemble a Battery Cube, a Motor Cube, and the wheel in one place.

3  Align the Motor Cube with the wheel.

4  Slide the wheel onto the Motor Cube.

5  Stack the Motor Cube on top of the Battery Cube, ensuring the metal posts are at opposite ends.

6  Take a piece of tape and make it into a loop. Stick it onto the bottom of the Battery Cube.
TIP: This tape loop is what will secure your Cubes to the car, so be sure it’s sticky and secure!

7  Upend the Cubes onto the back of the IKEA car, pressing firmly to adhere. Now you're ready to drive!