Illumination through Motion



EasyBricks • Vehicle


•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Short Wire
•  Medium Wire
•  4 x 4 Plate
•  4 x 8 Plate (2)
•  16-stud (2)
•  Wheel (4)
•  Axle (2)
•  24-tooth Gear (2)
•  Bushing (2)
•  Half-bushing (3)



Audrey Fehlhaber


You don't need a battery to make something light up-you can use motion! This car demonstrates how adding movement can really change things.


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Snap the 4 x 8 plates onto the 16-stud beams so that they're touching.

3  Attach the 4 x 4 plate onto one of them so it looks like the photo.

4  Lay out the axles, wheels, and other components like in the photo. This will be the order the parts go on the axles.

5  Place the axles through the holes third farthest from each end. Then thread on the wheels, bushings, and gear in the correct order. Note: Be sure the axle that has the gear is placed underneath the end of the frame with the 4x4 plate. Thread the wheels onto the axles so that the concave sides of the wheels are facing outward, which allows the bushings and half bushings to rest inside.

6  Attach a 24-tooth gear to the shaft of the motor.

7  Place the Motor Cube with attached gear on top of the 4 x 4 plate on the frame, lining it up with the 4 x 4 base of the Motor Cube. The two 24-tooth gears should now interlock. On the opposite end of the frame, place the LED Cube. Position the LED Cube so that its terminals are facing the same direction as those of the Motor Cube.

8  Using the short wire, connect the inner terminals of the Motor and LED Cubes. Use the medium-length wire to connect the outer terminals. Now simply push the car and create enough electricity to power the light!