Jumping Frog


•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  4 x 8 plate
•  4-stud beam
• Full connector (2)
•  Axle adapter
•  24-tooth gear
•  Markers
•  Tape


Ella Marrero


You're off to the races with this "jumping" frog that can roam around your room. Make more than one for a true contest!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Begin with your Motor Cube.

2  Attach the 24-tooth gear to the Motor Cube.

4  Place two pin connectors into the 24-tooth gear, directly next to each other.

5  Attach the 4-stud beam onto the pin connectors.

6  Attach the 4 x 8 plate onto the 4-stud beam.

7  Stack the Motor Cube on top of the BatteryCube.
TIP: Make sure the Battery Cube's switch is on the other side!

8  Draw or cut out a picture of a frog (or your favorite animal) and gather some tape.

9  Attach your drawing onto the 4 x 8 plate, turn the Battery Cube on, and watch your animal move around!