Land Boat


•  Battery Cube
  Motor Cube
•  4 x 8 Plate
•  4-stud plate (2)
•  12-stud beam
•  16-stud beam
•  Wheels (4)
•  Axles (2)
•  Full connector
•  24-tooth gear
•  Rubber Band


Ella Marrero


Row your way through the frightful obstacles on your bedroom floor with this boat designed specially for land!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Wrap the rubber band around the 12-stud beam so the holes are showing.

3  Stack the Battery Cube on top of the Motor Cube so the metal posts are touching.

4  Attach the 24-tooth gear to the Motor Cube's axle, and attach one pin to it.

5  Attach the two 4-stud bricks to the ends of the 16-stud beam with one stud showing on each end.

6  Place the 4 x 8 plate onto the middle of the 16-stud brick.

7  Slide an axle through the middle of each of the 4-stud bricks, and attach a tire on each end, sliding them all the way into the center.

8  Attach the Cubes onto the middle of the 4x8 plate and attach the rubber band-covered 12-stud brick four holes up onto the pin of the 24-tooth gear.

9  Turn the Battery Cube on. Now you’re ready to roll on dry land!