Cozy Illuminated Cabin




•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Short Wire
•  Medium Wire
•  Long Wire
•  4-stud
•  Full Connector (2)
•  24-tooth Gear
•  16 x 16 plate (or larger)
•  8-stud beam
•  1 x 1 plate (15)
•  2 x 1 plate (2)
•  2 x 1 brick (2)
•  1 x 1 brick
•  House roof
•  Tape
•  Aluminium foil
•  Paperclip


Audrey Fehlhaber


Sometimes we like to imagine being in a warm cozy house on a cold winter's night, snug before a fire, with lots of lights beaming out into the darkness. And sometimes we like to build it ourselves.


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials. Build a basic house on a base plate (16 x 16 works well) so as to provide an interior area of at least 8 x 8. This allows for adequate space to arrange the Circuit Cubes and other various parts. Make sure to include windows so as to provide opportunities for the light to shine through. Build a roof for the house as well, and create a hole on one side for the "smoke," a separate small brick build of its own.

2  Using the Battery Cube as the base, stack the Motor Cube on top and then press a 4 x 4 plate on top of the Motor Cube. Stack the LED Cube on top of the 4 x 4 plate to separate it from the Motor Cube and allow it to be connected to the Battery Cube solely by wires. When done, the switch should be facing forward, the shaft of the Motor Cube to the right, and the conductive terminals of the LED Cube also facing forward.

3  Construct the mechanism that connects to the Motor Cube and powers the "smoke" by selecting an 8-stud beam and attaching it to a 24-tooth gear in an offset position with a full connector.

4  On the other end of the 8-stud beam and the side opposite where the gear is attached, use another full connector to attach a 4-stud beam. With the gear side of the beam facing down on the table, place the connector in the farthest hole to the right of the 4-stud beam so that the rest extends to the left.

5  On top of the 4-stud beam, arrange a variety of 1 x 1 round and square grey, white and black plates to form the "smoke." Use two 2 x 1 plates to build up the bricks from the two center studs so that there are 10 or more stacked over the two center studs. This allows the "smoke" to be seen and to pass through the roof comfortably.

6  Connect the short wire from the left terminal of the Battery Cube to the left terminal of the LED Cube (left side when the switch of the Motor Cube is facing towards you). Connect the gear and smoke portion to the shaft of the Motor Cube as well.

7  Fold up pieces of foil or conductive tape to form two small packets thick enough to fit snugly into prongs designed to fit around a terminal and located at the ends of each wire. Using tape, attach one of the bricks to the inside of the door itself, and the other hanging in the doorframe. Bend a paperclip and bend it around the top of the door so as to create a sort of spring.

8  Place the stack of Circuit Cubes into interior of the house. Depending on the size of your house, you will have to test out different positions for the stack, but one row back from the door and all the way to the left is a good place to start.

9  Clip a wire from the foil on the door to the right terminal of the LED Cube, and clip a wire from the foil hanging in the doorframe to the right terminal of the battery.

10  Add a few bricks to the inside of the roof so that the moving "smoke" does not jostle and break apart the tiles of the roof. This will require trial and error, but two 2 x 1 bricks and one 1x1 brick is a good reference.

11  Put on the roof and turn on the Battery CUBE through the front door of the house to start the movement of the "smoke," and then close the door to turn on the light.