Lollipop Twirler




•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  4x8 Plate
•  16-stud (2)
•  Axle
•  Axle Adapter
•  Tape
•  Lollipop


Sadie Mann


Don’t let your fingers get sticky when twirling your lollipop. Let your Circuit Cubes contraption do it for you! (You do have to lick the candy yourself, though.)


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Take the two 16-stud bricks and align them so that they’re parallel.

3  Attach the 4x8 plate to one end of them.

4  Attach the Motor Cube to half of the plate.

5  Connect the Battery Cube to the other half of the plate.

6  Put the axle adapter onto the Motor Cube.

7  Gather the tape, axle, and lollipop.

8  Use the tape to attach the axle to the lollipop.

9  Put the end of the axle into the adapter on the Motor Cube.

10 Turn the Battery Cube on and watch your lollipop twirl!