Mechanical Butterfly




•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  4-stud beams (2)
•  Full connectors (8)
•  24-tooth gear
•  Half bushing
•  9M beams (2)
•  7M beam
•  6-stud beam
•  Double-long pin
•  3M axle-hole lift arm
•  5M stop axles (3)
•  2M axles (2)
•  Friction axle-pins (2)
•  7M angle beams (4)
•  5M right-angled beams (2)
•  Thin triangle lift arms (4)
•  Butterfly drawing (use stencil or free draw!)


Cole Williams


Build a butterfly that flaps its wings just like the real thing!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Stack the Motor Cube on top of the Battery Cube with the metal posts aligned.

3  Put the four pins and two 2M axles into the four thin triangle lift arms.

4  Combine the four lift arms into two assemblies.

5  Combine the two assemblies into one!

6  Attach the 4-stud beams to the lift arm assembly.

7  Attach the 24-tooth gear to the motor.

8  Use the 4-stud beams to attach the lift arm assembly on top of the motor. Make sure the lift arms are the same direction as the gear!

9  Take one of the 5M stop axles and put a 9M beam on each side of the stop.

10  Put the long side of the 5M stop axle into the top of the lift arm assembly.

11  Secure the 5M stop axle with the half bushing.

12  Take one of the 5M right-angle beams, a friction axle-pin, and the double-long pin, and assemble them as shown. Make sure you put the double-long pin in from the opposite side of the friction axle-pin!

13  Attach the assembly from step 12 to the motor assembly.

14  Take the other 5M right-angle beam and a friction axle pin, and assemble them as shown.

15  Attach the assembly from step 14 to the motor assembly.

16  Gather the last two 5M stop axles.

17  Put the 3M axle-hole lift arm and the 6-stud beam on the stop axles as shown.

18  Attach two 7M angle-beams onto the stop axles.

19  Put pins in the last hole on the last two 7M angle-beams

20  Attach the 7M angle-beams with pins to the stop axle and 6-stud beam.

21  Put pins in the last holes of the 7M beam.

22  Attach the assembly from step 20 to the motor assembly, and use the 7M beam to secure it.

23  Cut out your butterfly.

24  Tape the butterfly onto the wings of your build, turn the Battery Cube on, and watch your gorgeous creation flutter!