•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Wheel
•  Paper piece
•  Tape
•  Scissors


Stella Cosgrove


Make going to sleep more cozy by constructing your own personalized nightlight to project the images you make onto the ceiling!


1 Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2 Roll your paper into a tube shape so that its diameter is approximately the width of the LED Cube.

3 Tape the tube onto the LED Cube.  

4 Measure a square the size of your tube's diameter. Cut that out and then, inside of it, cut out your favorite shape. Tape this shape to the top of your rolled up paper on the LED Cube.

5 Attach the wheel to the axle of the Motor Cube.

6 Place all three Cubes in a triangle pattern adjacent to one another so that their magnets connect.

7 Turn the Battery Cube on and admire your amazing image.