Peanut Butter Mixer



•  Motor Cube
•  Battery Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Wires and connectors
•  Assorted LEGO® pieces
•  Peanut butter jar


Tenka Labs


Use your Circuit Cubes to build something that helps out in the kitchen! This ingenious project lets you roll a jar of “natural” peanut butter around so that the oil gets mixed in. This is much easier than doing it with a spoon. (Don’t worry, you can still get a spoon for licking!)


1  Gather all the Cubes and the two short wires

2  Collect the LEGO parts, 13 in all

3  Snap the Motor Cube together with the Battery Cube, being careful to align the metal poles, and place the flat LEGO plate on top of them

4  Place the long LEGO brick on top of the flat plate

5  Build a small support piece using these three LEGOs

6  Take the support piece and connect it to the other parts

7  The two flat blue plates will be touching

8  Assemble the two axles. One will need to have a 24-tooth gear on it

9  Space the wheels out

10  Mount the axles into the long LEGO brick, being sure to align the Motor Cube with the large 24-tooth gear on the axle. Attach the second long LEGO brick onto the opposite side so that the axles line up with the other holes

11  Now that the frame is built, prepare to add the LED cube

12  Use the short wires to jump power from the Battery Cube to the LED Cube’s posts

13  Double-check the connections to the LED Cube. Tt will only turn on if you connect the wires as shown

14  Test everything by turning the Battery Cube switch on.
NOTE: The LED Cube should turn on and the motor should spin and rotate the axle with the gear. The other set of wheels will not spin. If everything is working, add the jar of peanut butter that you want to mix

15  Gently place the jar on op of the wheels and turn on the battery. The motor will turn the axle and the rubber wheels will rub against the jar and make it spin

NOTE: Depending on the size of the jar, you may need to adjust the spacing in between the axles.
Replace the peanut butter jar and use your build as a rock tumbler! How else might it be used?