•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  Cardboard
•  4 x 8 plate
• Extension Coupler
•  Axle
•  Gear
•  Bushing


Tenka Labs


Experiment with making lines and drawings on your pinwheel. Can you make them appear to jump or move when the pinwheel’s in action?


1  Gather your Cubes and a piece of cardboard that you can cut. Choose any shape, like a circle or an arrow. Pierce a hole in the center of your cardboard cut-out.
TIP: A ballpoint pen is great for making the hole!

2  Collect the building brick pieces for this project.

3  Mount the Battery and Motor Cubes onto the flat 4 x 8 plate, making sure the metal posts align.

4  Attach the extension coupler onto the end of the motor shaft. Slide the axle into the other end of the extension coupler so that it is rigidly attached to the motor. Place the 24-tooth gear onto the end of the axle.

5  Slide your cardboard shape onto the axle.

6  Slide the cardboard down the shaft until it rests against the 24-tooth gear.

7  Slide a bushing onto the axle and sandwich the cardboard between the gear and the bushing. Squeeze it nice and tight. Now turn the Battery Cube on and watch your pinwheel spin round and round!