•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Short wire
•  Medium wire (2)
•  4 x 8 plate
•  Axle adapter
•  24-tooth gear
•  Pen

• Ice cream pint (empty)


John Schuster


Light up your bedroom with shooting stars in a matter of minutes when you make this Circuit Cube Planetarium!


Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

1  Place the Battery Cube on the left side of the 4 x 8 plate. Place the Light Cube halfway on the 4x8 plate on the opposite end.

2  Turning the 4 x 8 plate on its side (Battery Cube side down) and attach the Motor Cube, with its axle facing up towards the Light Cube, to the back of the 4 x 8 plate. 

3  Attach a medium wire from the bottom post of the Battery Cube to the right-hand post of the Motor Cube.

4  Attach the short wire from the left-hand post of the Light Cube to the remaining open post on the Battery Cube

5  Attach the final medium wire from the free post of the Motor Cube to the free post on the Light Cube.
TIP: The wires should cross in front of the Light Cube!

6  Insert the axle into the axle adapter and place the 24-tooth gear on the other end of the axle.

7 Place the other end of the axle adapter onto the Motor Cube's axle, so the 24-tooth gear faces up, with some of the axle exposed above it.

8 Punch holes in your ice cream pint with the pen, making a hole in the middle of the base of the pint for your axle to fit through! Turn the Battery Cube on, your room lights off, and enjoy your own private Planetarium show!