Pool Noodle Light



•  Battery Cube
•  LED Cube
•  Pool noodle
•  Rubber band
•  Bread knife


Tenka Labs


Sometimes the most fun and creative projects simply use forgotten things found in the garage or shed, like an old swimming pool noodle. Add LED and Battery Cubes to easily turn your pool noodle into a one-of-a-kind flashlight.


NOTE: Before beginning, prepare a piece of pool noodle foam by cutting a six inch-long piece out and making a vertical cut along one side. Cut a small pocket out of one end by following the example in the pictures shown.

1  Assemble your prepared pool noodle piece, a rubber band, and the Battery and LED Cubes.

2  Position the LED and Battery Cubes so that the metal posts are aligned.

3  Stack the two Cubes on one side vertically.

4  Place the two Cubes inside the pool noodle.
NOTE: You may need to adjust the pool noodle pocket by making it deeper or wider.

5  Place the rubber band around the pool noodle piece to hold it closed with the Cubes inside.
NOTE: You may need to add an extra rubber band!

6  Turn the Battery Cube on and get started exploring with your new Pool Noodle Light!