Pool Noodle Scribblebot



•  Motor Cube
•  Battery Cube
• Pool noodle
•  Bread knife
•  4 x 8 plate
•  Wheel
•  Markers (2)


Tenka Labs


You may want to buy some pool noodles just to have on hand for your Circuit Cubes! We love how soft and pliable they are, plus they’re easy to cut and modify for your projects.


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Cut a slice of pool noodle and choose two markers.

3  Mount the Cubes onto the 4 x 8 plate, making sure the metal posts are aligned.

4  Slide the wheel onto the shaft of the Motor Cube.

5  Gently push the 4 x 8 plate with Cubes into the pool noodle piece.

6  Position the Battery Cube almost all the way inside.

7  Add the markers, one by one, by inserting them into the pool noodle.

8  The markers act like small arms to help keep the Scribblebot up off the ground.

9  It may be easier to insert the markers into the pool noodle if you make a small cut into the noodle and keep them slightly angled.

10  Draw a face onto your pool noodle if you like. Now turn the switch on the Battery Cube on, remove the caps from the markers, place on a large piece of paper, and watch your Scribblebot make its mark!