Propeller Fan





•   Battery Cube
•   Motor Cube
•  Short wire (2)
•  4 x 8 plate
•  4-stud
•  12-stud
•  16-stud (2)
•  Axle (2)
•  8-tooth gear (3)
•  24-tooth gear (2)
•  6-inch propeller


Walden Reed


Sometimes you just need a little breeze. The Propeller Fan is your personal wind machine!


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Put the Battery Cube on the 4 x 8-plate and place it in the middle of the 16-stud beam.

3  Attach the front of the Motor Cube to the end of the 16-stud beam, then place the 4-stud beam on the back of the Motor Cube. 

4  Press a 24-tooth gear onto the motor shaft, and thread the 8-tooth gear onto the axle directly below the Motor Cube.

5  Place the second 16-stud beam directly parallel to the first and fasten down by pressing it into the 4 x 8-plate. Press the 24-tooth gear onto the shaft below the motor, and press another shaft with an 8-tooth gear two holes away from the 24-tooth gear.

6  Slide the end of the 12-stud beam onto the first and second axles and press it onto the 4 x 8-plate, then press an 8-tooth gear onto the second axle. Connect the two closest posts with one wire, and the two furthest with wire.

7  Press the propeller onto the end of the 8-tooth gear with the letters on the propeller facing toward the Motor Cube. Turn the Battery Cube on and enjoy the cooling breeze from your own personal Circuit Cubes-powered fan!