Propeller Hat




•   Battery Cube
•   Motor Cube
•  16-stud brick (2)
•  Full connector (2)
•  24-tooth gear
•  Hat
•  Tape


Ella Marrero


Fly away with this robotic propeller hat! (Or just look goofy enough to do it!)


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Stack the Motor Cube on top of the Battery Cube so both the switch and the axle are facing the same direction.

3  Place a 24-tooth gear on the Motor Cube's axle.

4  Put two pins into the 24-tooth gear .

5  Counting two holes in, place a 16-stud brick onto one of the pins so the studs are facing away from the axle. Repeat with the other 16-stud brick.

6  Gather your favorite hat and some tape.

7  Securely tape the Circuit Cubes onto the hat so the Motor Cube's axle is facing up. Switch the Battery Cube on and get goofy.