Robo Bunny




•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  Full connector (2)
•  Axle adapter
•  24-tooth gear
•  Stuffed animal
•  Needle & thread
•  4 x 4 plate
•  1 x 4 plate
•  Cardboard pieces (3)
•  Scissors
•  Hot glue gun
•  Buttons optional


Ella Marrero


Have you ever wanted your stuffed animals to come to life? With this project, you can mod your plush toy so that it moves all on its own, waving its hand or nodding its head!
(We agree that this project can be a little creepy—which makes us like it all the more!)


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Attach the Battery Cube to the 4 x 4 plate.

3  Stack the Motor Cube on the Battery Cube so both the axle and the battery switch are facing the same direction.

4  Attach the 24-tooth gear to the Motor Cube.

5  Insert one pin connecter into the 24-tooth gear.

6  Insert the pin three holes up on the 13-hole rod.

7  Gather your stuffed animal, and cut it down the back, removing both the stuffing and the head.
TIP: Add some buttons and buttonholes so it is easy to close up your stuffed animal!

8  Using the hot glue gun, assemble a sturdy cardboard box that will fit inside your stuffed animal (the one pictured is 1.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches), leave one face of the box open.
NOTE: The depth of the box should be about the width of your Battery Cube.

9  Cut a notch in the top of your box to fit the rod sticking up.

10  Place the Cubes into the box, so the gear is facing towards you.

11  Open up your stuffed animal from the back, cutting a hole in the body and removing enough stuffing so that your box will fit.

12  Cut a small hole in your stuffed animal's head, and insert the rod, then sew the head back up. Loop the thread into the rod before you insert it, so that the rod is firmly attached!

13  Close up your stuffed animal, leaving room at the bottom for you to access the Battery Cube's switch. Make sure the rod can still move. Turn your Battery Cube on and watch your stuffed animal come to life!


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