Six-Marker Scribblebot



•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  Markers (6)
•  Rubber bands (4)
•  LEGO® 4x8 plate, axle, and rim


Tenka Labs


Because their action can be random and changeable, Scribblebot drawings often turn out to be unexpected. See how the art changes when you change the bot’s direction!


1  Gather the Motor and Battery Cubes, six markers, and four rubber bands

2  Collect the LEGO parts

3  Mount the Motor and Battery Cubes onto the flat LEGO plate

4  Add a long LEGO connector to the end of the motor, and slide the black axle into the connector so that it is rigidly fixed to the end of the motor shaft

5  The remaining LEGO parts will be used to hold the markers onto the shaft

6  Slide the LEGO parts onto the shaft as shown

7  Assemble four of the markers and two of the rubber bands

8  Mount the markers around the shaft, using the rubber bands to secure them in place

9  Take the last two markers and rubber bands

10  Mount one marker each on the sides of the Motor Cube using one rubber band per marker to wrap around and under the Cube

11  Remove the marker caps, set your Scribblebot on a big piece of paper, and turn on the Motor Cube to to see what kind of crazy drawings your Scribblebot will make!