•  Battery Cube
•  LED Cube
•  LEGO® axle (1) and bushings (2)
•  Toilet paper roll
•  Cardboard
•  Ballpoint pen


Tenka Labs


This project is perfect for outdoor evenings when you want to make shadow puppets, put on a skit, or have a bright light to shine in the dark.


1  Gather the LED and Battery Cubes and LEGO parts

2  Find a flat piece of cardboard (about 10 inches long) and a cardboard tube (like a toilet paper roll)

3  Start with the LED and Battery Cubes

4  Stack the LED Cube on top of the Battery Cube. Check to make sure you have the posts aligned correctly by switching the battery on and off

5  Poke two holes into the cardboard tube.Try to keep these holes aligned with each other. TIP: A ballpoint pen works really well for this!

6  Slide the black axle through the two holes you just made. This is the pivot point for the spotlight

7  Take the flat piece of cardboard and poke two holes into it, one hole at each end

8  Bend the flat cardboard piece into a ‘U’ shape. Slide the two ends of the black axle into the holes in the U-shaped piece. Now the tube is free to swing up and down while the U-shaped piece remains stationary

9  Add two grey LEGO bushings onto the ends of the axle to keep everything tight

10  Take the stacked LED and Battery Cube and gently slide them down into the cardboard tube. When you want to turn on the spotlight, simply slide the Cubes out of the tube and turn the switch on, then slide the stack back into the tube.