Toothbrush Bot





•  Battery Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  Motor Cube
•  4 x 8 plate
•  4-stud beam
•  12-stud beam
•  16-stud beam
•  Full connector (2)
•  Axle adapter
•  24-tooth gear
•  Marker holder
•  Tape
•  Toothbrush


Walden Reed


Upgrade your morning routine by cutting your toothbrushing time in half (and having more fun doing it!). 


1  Gather your Cubes, building bricks, and other materials.

2  Stack the Motor Cube on top of the Battery Cube.

3  Attach the 24-tooth gear to the Motor Cube's axle and insert one pin into the gear.

4  Attach the 4 x 8 plate on top of the Motor Cube.

5  Attach the 12-stud brick four studs in under the 4 x 8 plate.

6  Attach the 4-stud brick under the 12-stud brick.

7  Insert a pin in the marker holder and insert the other side in the 4-stud brick.

8  Attach the 16-stud brick on the pin sticking out of the 24-tooth gear, making sure it rests on the marker holder.

9  Tape your toothbrush on to the 16-stud brick and turn the Battery Cube on.
Note: Be careful not to get your Cubes wet! To avoid immersing them in water, remove your toothbrush from your Bot before rinsing.