What is the best age for Circuit Cubes? While everyone enjoys working with Circuit Cubes, they’ve been specifically developed to engage and entice young Makers ages 8-12.

Which set is best for beginners? That’s the beauty of Circuit Cubes. Beginners will find success with all of the currently available sets!

Are all set supplies included? Yes! Circuit Cube kits include all three Cubes (Battery, Motor, and LED) as well as ancillary supplies listed, like markers and batteries when applicable.

Can I buy individual Cubes? We plan to offer individual Cubes for sale soon. Please check back!

Can I download more templates? Absolutely. Feel free to download and share our templates any time. Template downloads coming soon.

Can I download a new manual? Of course! (We keep misplacing ours, too.) Manual download coming soon.

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I purchased Circuit Cubes, but I have questions about getting started or troubleshooting. Please refer to Cube Care.

Additional questions?

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