smart toys, endless play.

With Circuit Cubes, toys come to life. Circuit Cubes are electronic building blocks that add sound, motion, light, and sensors to young Makers’ creations. Designed by STEM teachers, Circuit Cubes provide an easy-to-use platform that helps kids develop confidence while experiencing the joy of discovery. Whether a design uses LEGO-style bricks, favorite vintage toys, or pool noodles — with three Circuit Cubes, you can create just about anything you can imagine!





What are circuit cubes?



The battery is the power supply that drives the motor to rotate the gears, lights the LED, spins the propeller, buzzes the buzzer, and engages the switch. The battery cube is the most important Circuit Cube for every project! It puts the move in the motor, and the light in the LED.



Here’s where the real fun comes in. The motor cube is powerful and can drive a number of fun designs from monster trucks to sci-fi spacewalkers. Strap together color markers with the motor and battery cubes to create brilliant graphic designs, suitable for framing!



Light up just about everything with the LED cube. Add headlamps to LEGO blocks and vintage cars. Make a powerful flashlight with only a toilet tissue roll, a battery and an LED cube! The LED cube is probably the most versatile cube and puts the bright in every creation.